Home Builders Austin Presents: Top 5 Trends in Home Construction and Revamp

The main point of building a custom home or undertaking major renovations is to develop a personal space. Personalized home design implies that you don’t have to be succumb to trends. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about what’s happening now, does it? 

Here are the latest trend setters in home construction and renovations so far. 

Natural Touch 

Step aside from the ordinary dark, hand-scraped floors for a few minutes. Think about engineered woods filled with a lighter, natural finish. Home construction experts have noted that white, gray washed wood finish seem to make a comeback. 

Consider bleached, fumed or limed woods coupled with sealed-only floors or matte finishes. Engineered products can help you achieve that desirable exotic look. While porcelain tiles seem to be a favorite to many, stone floors are appearing in unexpected places such as master bedrooms. 

Clean lines for More Open spaces 

Home builders Austin agree that modern construction is going contemporary.  Although not everyone is embracing the glorious glass houses, new homes have cleaner lines with reduced emphasis on turrets. In fact, most new homeowners are adopting Austin stone and standing seam roofs. 

Those who choose to remain with traditional exteriors opt for modern, open interior concepts. As such, homes have few hallways and small rooms. Open floor plans offer additional usable space. For instance, kitchens open to dens and dining areas. Slide, glass and lift doors play a critical role in bringing outdoors in. 

Efficiency is also paramount as homeowners appreciate that all space should be usable. 

Risk Takers 

Building your dream home means having fun. Even though wallpaper seems to dominate ceilings, glass and metal trends appear on staircases as homeowners try something new. Floating staircases also seems to make a comeback but those who think it’s too contemporary have ventured into patterned woods, iron and steel combination or tried intricate wood designs. 

Risk taking is not only witnessed in staircases. Homeowners find powder bath a great place to try bold outrageous tiles, wallpaper, hardware or daring paint color. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than stepping into a divine unexpected powder bath.  What if you don’t like it? Well, it’s a small insignificant place for taking risks. 

Formal Rooms Transformed 

For a while, the talk in town has been whether formal dining and living rooms still exist. Contrary to what many expected, the rooms exist. However, they function differently. Formal living rooms have now turned to parlor or a room to turn to when you’re tired of television. 

In fact, most new homeowners have turned it to a multifunctional room, using it as a bar area or library. It still exists in most floor plans but have become something that can be used frequently not the uncomfortable furniture storage place it used to be. 

Kitchen Talk

We all know that kitchens and baths sell homes. Kitchens are essential in every home. Although high end kitchens are made of granite and stainless steel, most homeowners are now considering engineered stones and alternative countertop options. For cabinets, lighter woods, matte lacquers or more natural colored walnuts are game changers as white kitchens also come back. 

Building custom homes is becoming exciting and personal. Are you planning to build or renovate your home? Call MileStone Community Builders to speak with construction experts.