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Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations for wanting to own your first home! It is a huge step you are taking and you ought to be proud of yourself! You are embarking on a whole new investment journey and like every other long term investment; you need to do it in a smart way. There is nothing as certain as unchartered waters and buying a home can be one stormy ride. We are here to help you through this great journey; here are a few tips you can follow to make your first time purchase a tear-free affair.

Do not be in a rush to make a final decision

Remember this is a long term investment that unlike other, you will need to live in for a considerable amount of time. Browse through the broad variety of different homes on sale. You do not want to make a purchase commitment only to discover a better and cheaper home was in the market for sale.

Have a budget and stick to it.

Have a budget you are comfortable with and which you discipline yourself to stick to. Don't be tempted to purchase what you cannot afford; don't compete with the Jones'. Use an online mortgage calculator to find out how much you can afford in mortgage payment every month; without breaking the bank.

Don't do it solo

Do not trust your basic instincts to make a home purchase decision. Get an experienced realtor who has knowledge of the area you are interested in buying a home. If you know where you want to purchase your new home, then that is all you need, get a realtor who will do the hard work for you. Ask friends and family to refer to you a realtor that they are certain will deliver the services you need.

Compare prices

 Check for the pricing of different homes on sale in the area you want to buy a home. This will help you get a sense of the property value and the amount you need to budget for. You will also get an idea on the starting figure to negotiate on without bargaining too much or too long.

Find out about closing costs

Closing costs can vary widely. The realtor should be in a position to give you the closing costs excluding your packing and moving expense.  These costs typically include the fee you will need to pay to a housing evaluator/appraiser as well as fee paid to the real estate attorney both of which you will be expected to pay. The attorney will look at your sales agreement to ensure it's in line with the law while the home appraiser will evaluate your home to ensure it is up to market standards.

Buying a home can be as stressful or as easy as you want it to be. Having the ideal home painted clearly in your mind is only a fraction of what it really takes to move into your dream home. An experienced and knowledgeable realtor will make your dream home a reality, invest in hiring one to avoid disappointments and unnecessary losses in the future click here.  

6 Significant Factors when Choosing a Home Builder

Choosing the right home builder is as essential as deciding on the house you want. The ideal builder guarantees that you will get the design and plan that you intended. Despite the complex project you may have, the builder of choice will make it a success. Have several companies to evaluate and choose the most appropriate. Here are some determinants to guide your search.

Communication Skills

Building a home is a project that requires certain duration. All this while, effective communication will be necessary. Phases in this project would only be completed when team members communicate efficiently. You also want a smooth flow of information between you and your home builder. Frequent feedback and inquiries will happen between both of you.


Credibility is the first thing you look into, before deciding on the home builder to choose. The State of Texas should certify the company and met the industrial requirements. The certification guarantees that the personnel is qualified to do the job. That is why MileStone Home Builders is the ideal choice for you. We have more than one hundred professional employees with readiness for your building project.


Knowledge and expertise are critical in meeting your expectations. Do not just rely on what the candidate will tell you. Conduct your due diligence and confirm that the company in question is suitable for the job. Experience gives exposure, which builds your faith that the company will deliver as expected. It does not mean new companies are not competent. Every business has to begin somewhere. If you choose a new company, make sure the project team is experienced.

Quality and Value

Building a home is a major investment for anyone. It demands a lot of money and other resources. Such an investment should grant you top quality and value for the money you have sent. That is why you ought to select a competent home builder who knows every detail. Get one who understands to observe costs and stay within the stipulated budget. At the same time, he or she will not compromise on the design or quality of the building.


The building process is lengthy, complicated and exhausting. This process can only be manageable through transparency and accountability. You are the client with not much knowledge of construction. It means you will require clarifications and information from your home builder. Choose one who prioritizes transparency and will take the initiative to update you even before you ask questions.


Although this factor should not be the first to think about, it is a necessity. Consider your budget and how much home builder companies are charging. Choose the company that offers the utmost value and quality. If you cannot afford them, select the best within what you can afford. Despite the budget limitation, avoid too much compromise on getting the desired results.

Your dream home is one of the greatest achievements you will make. Be meticulous when choosing a builder because he or she determines whether you will successfully make this accomplishment. Reputable and experienced home builders are the preferable choice. They will get your home design right and even deliver beyond your expectations.